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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

InnoCamp - develop your digital youth work services

18.01.21 bis 22.01.21
Training, europäisch
Ljubljana, Slowenien


Are you interested in innovation and digitalisation in youth work? Would you like to discover a new tool to innovate your youth workers practices, services and approaches? This training course aims to contribute to the development of digital youth work in Europe by encouraging and helping youth organisations innovate their youth work services and add a digital dimension to them. InnoCamp is based on the Innobox toolkit developed by Verke and it provides a structured approach and support for (re)developing operations and creating something new.

The process will enable participants to develop new youth work practices, approaches or services and exploring their potential digital dimension. Innobox can be used alone, in a group or even with the entire working community. The most important thing is the desire to do youth work better. The purpose is to help you analyse and identify the challenge that you want to address, examine it from several perspectives, and come up with an innovative solution.

During the TC participants will:

  • familiarise themselves with & experience the process of innovation in the frame of the Innobox tool
  • learn how to identify and analyse challenges they want to address and connect them to broader societal changes and developments
  • learn how to develop new (digital) methods, approaches or services to address those challenges
  • practice how to present and pitch their ideas
  • link the entire process to their local context
  • share and discuss their existing digital youth work practices
  • discover current trends in digital youth work.

During the training course participants will gain basic understanding on how to use the Innobox tool in their future work with young people, work colleagues or even wider community. To be able to do that, participants should familiarise themselves with their organisation’s strategy in advance and have support from their organisation to re-create the innovation process within their organisation upon their return and implement the solution.




Movit, Slovenian NA, in cooperation with Austrian NA, Cyprus NA, Finnish NA, Islandic NA (