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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

Inclusion & Diversity Forum

16.11.20 bis 19.11.20
Konferenz/Kongress, europäisch
Ostend, Belgien


The ID Forum aims to create greater visibility for Inclusion & Diversity and to build bridges between stakeholders active in the field within the EU youth programmes. It's THE Inclusion & Diversity event of the year!

2020 will be the last year of the current Erasmus+ programme and European Solidarity Corps, with the new generation of the programmes waiting for us around the corner. A common Inclusion & Diversity Strategy for both formal & non-formal education sectors is being finalised and some new formats and possibilities will be introduced. It is the moment to wave the inclusion & diversity flag, state once again why it is important to have it on the top of our agendas and to showcase the work that has been done so far. There is also a need to take some time to reflect on what we have achieved and how to build further on existing knowledge and experiences to get us prepared for the future challenges. In order to do this the Forum is going to bring important stakeholders and ID professionals and volunteers, across Europe, together to look back & forward on achievements, exchange ideas, share practices and learn from each other to be ready for the new programmes.

The event will focus on inclusion & diversity in the broad sense (following the definition of the young people with fewer opportunities) and offer space for working on different issues. This is THE forum for anyone in the field to get new information, inspiration, methods and partners. Special attention will be given to the new Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and to the kick-off of new programmes, but also the KA3 NA projects, KA2 beneficiaries’ projects and Strategic Partnership on Inclusion outcomes could be presented, as well as new and inspiring initiatives. Important is to give voice to young people with fewer opportunities themselves and to hear their opinions, testimonials.

General aim:

To create greater visibility for inclusion & diversity and build bridges between stakeholders active in the field within the EU youth programmes (Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps).


  • To celebrate inclusion & diversity achievements in the current EU youth programmes
  • To get inspired and learn from each other, through showcasing and partnership building 
  • To get ready for the next generation of EU youth programmes and new Inclusion & Diversity strategy for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.




SALTO Inclusion & Diversity