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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Fon: +48577257000,

Digital adventures

17.10.20 bis 24.10.20
Training, europäisch
Murzasichle, Polen


This training is an attempt to 'marry' outdoor education approach and the usage of digital tools to fit the needs of both youngsters and adults by finding creative ways in combining digital and open-air activities.

During the training course activities, participants will be put in the natural environment of the outdoor education and adventure-based learning, they will learn principles of experiential learning and outdoor education as well as practice and test different tools and methods and techniques using various digital tools. It'll help youth workers and educators to reflect on possibilities of using this blended methodology ( outdoor+ digital) or youth empowerment as well as opportunities for youth participation within the framework of outdoor which would help to make more interactive education process inside youth centers, schools/ universities and support holistic approach in learning.


  • To discover some popular digital tools that can be used in youth work with the focus on open-air activities
  • To explore, share experience and build skills in the field of digitally based experiential learning
  • To discover the concept of digital youth work
  • To promote networking and cooperation between experienced youth workers/trainers
  • To create new educational tools and learning methods aimed at developing behavioural and social competencies, pursuing social inclusion of the people with fewer opportunities through digital outdoor activities
  • To develop methods of empowering people with diverse needs for youth work
  • To share good and bad practices of youth work.

Please note that the working languuage of the training course is English.




Fundacja Active Kids