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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Kontakt: Inge Linne,
Email: linne(at)jfemail.de

NE(E)T working - find partners to make your inclusive youth work more international

03.11.19 bis 07.11.19
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, Sonstige, international
Prag, Tschechien


This training course will bring together professionals working with young people in NEET situation and those working in organizations which offer young people international youth work opportunities (especially through Erasmus+ Youth in Action/ European Solidarity Corps). The TC will give time and space to participants to share and gain knowledge and skills on how to work strategically with young people in NEET situation, how to use Erasmus+ Youth in Action and other international youth work possibilities as a tool in their work and to find a way into trustworthy partnerships on national and international level and good quality projects.

There are many young people, who due to their life situation miss out the opportunities that are often promoted as open for all. Those are the young people who might in many ways be the ones who benefit the most from a possibility to be involved together with their peers from other countries in an international project or voluntary activity.

The main objectives of the training:

  • To understand the different concepts of young people in NEET situation on international level;
  • To understand the different realities of young people in NEET situation in the involved countries;
  • To understand how Erasmus + Youth in Action / European Solidarity Corps can be used to include young people in NEET situation (incl real examples with highs and lows of the work);
  • To know tools to work with young people in NEET situation within Erasmus +/ESC framework;
  • To develop partnerships to implement Erasmus+ / ESC projects both on international and national level;
  • To find ways to work more strategically and in cooperation with other organizations to involve young people in international youth work.




Dům zahraniční spolupráce – Centre for International cooperation in education/ Czech National Agency for the Erasmus + Youth and European Solidarity Corps program