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Ruben Baarda,
E-Mail: evs(at)eastpackers.nl,
Fon: +31 6 24131467

ESC - East West Dialogues

09.01.20 bis 12.01.20
Partner-/Kontaktbörse, Sonstige, international
Ommen, Niederlande


East West Dialogues is a partnership building activity (PBA) and quality improvement training which is supported by a grant from the Dutch Erasmus+ National Agency. The activity will involve participants from 30 different organizations from Western Europe, Eastern Europe and partner countries. The training pays specific attention to developing new partnerships for volunteering projects under the European Solidarity Corps programme.

All partner and programme countries are eligible. The training programme is specifically geared to organizations that have already obtained an ESC Quality Label and are looking for new, sustainable partnerships. Participants with limited experience in ESC project management and Erasmus+ funded activities are welcome, but a solid command of English is a prerequisite. Only participants from organizations with sufficient capacity and expertise to participate in future Erasmus+ funded activities are invited to apply.

During the training, participants will not only get to know each other, but also receive hands-on advice on improving ESC project management, volunteer recruitment and preparation, expectation management and crisis resolution. The programme is intended for both hosting and sending/coordinating organizations. During the programme, participants will together develop an ESC Quality Improvement Toolkit, consisting of practical tools and templates for drafting partnership agreements, activity agreements, recruitment of volunteers, mediation, mentoring and evaluating mobilities. Experienced application reviewers will give key advice on drafting the best applications with the highest chance of success. Participants will be selected with the aim of enhancing and supporting the cooperation between organisations from Programme Countries and Eastern Partnership countries.




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