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Charlotte Lohmann,
Email: charlotte.lohmann(at)krzyzowa.org.pl

Seminar: #weneedtotalk - Barcamp: Education in a digitalized world!

20.02.20 bis 23.02.20
Seminar, europäisch
Kreisau, Polen


What is it about?

The project “#weneedtotalk Barcamp: Education in a digitalized world!” addresses multipliers from the field of non-formal education, from German-Polish relations, and from the civic tech sector.

The aim of the project is joint discussion and getting to know digital tools for the field of historical-political education. This project aims for a successful knowledge transfer and gaining experience on the topic of digital methods in historical-political education.

Together participants will explore questions like: What new paths can historical-political education go in the German-Polish context? How can digitalisation help us to make this field even more innovative and inclusive?

Everybody can get involved, present ideas, and benefit from the knowledge of others. The focus is on getting to know each other, network and learn from others.


In the field of education and especially in youth exchange in general we are experiencing more and more the desire, but also the necessity to use new methods to impart historical and political knowledge. With this project, we would like to meet the challenges of a target group which changes its behaviour rapidly and for whom it is important to make history tangible, to show different perspectives on historical, as well as current phenomena.
The focus is on how pedagogy and computer science can meet and help each other in a digitalised world.

The main question of the project is, how to provide an inclusive political and historical education. #Weneedtotalk is the overall statement for this Barcamp.

Organizational information: Since the training is going to be held in English, a good level of Englishis required.
The participationfee is 20 Euro / 80 PLN which covers the Programm, Fullboard and Bed, if necessary, participants can arrive a day earlier.

Seminar registration: forms.gle/9rJFdGn4d6P7tEQy8




The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Kreisau Initiative e.V.