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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Für Interessierte aus Deutschland,
Inge Linne,
Fon: 0228 9506-269,

Let's volunteer!

19.10.20 bis 23.10.20
E-Learning/Online, europäisch


This online activity is an opportunity for formal education institutions to get familiarized with the ESC program and get the basic information about volunteering projects and details on how to include international volunteers in their everyday work.

Does your school have volunteers? Do you have a volunteering club or some other regular activities/groups/projects that are promoting solidarity and contributing to the local community? Are you interested to have international volunteers in your school who can help you in creating different activities for pupils? Would you need support with your own work with on-line and residential work with pupils, work with talented pupils or with pupils that need more support? Do you want your pupils to have new experiences and meet other cultures? If you answered “Yes” to most of these questions, then this training course is for you!

The focus of the training course will be to introduce the programme of European Solidarity Corps as a way for schools to bring international volunteers, who can help them in organising different activities in schools. European Solidarity Corps volunteers can help you in organising events, implementing activities outside the formal curriculum, preparing workshops for pupils on different topics and even help you with preparing online classes if needed. They can also help in getting your school visible not only on a local level but also European level. One direct benefit is also connected with bringing more intercultural learning to your school, which is quite important in these challenging migration times. 

This training is intended for primary or secondary schools who already have experience in volunteering (or have volunteering clubs in their schools), thus, we encourage teachers, principals, volunteer club leaders and expert associates in schools to participate.




Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes