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Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit


Nevena Radosavljevic,
Fon: +381 645250062,


19.10.20 bis 24.10.20
Training, europäisch
Straßburg, Frankreich


Peace advocacy - Training on strengthening the role of youth in advocacy for peace and peace-building process from the grassroots level. The aim of the study session is to empower young people, from Europe and beyond, to take an active role in peace-building by equipping them with skills and competences in advocacy and conflict transformation. 


  • Equip participants with skills and competences in non-violent methods and tools to foster peace process and transform conflicts nonviolently (based on the Council of Europe approach);
  • Explore advocacy as a tool for change and as a result gain new advocacy skills.
  • Increase knowledge of young people on human rights mechanisms that can be used in transforming conflict by raising awareness about legal instruments such as UNSCR 2250;
  • Create a common and safe space to share experiences, challenges and initiatives on local level; 
  • Explore the role of youth in peace-building and possibilities of contribution from the grassroots level;
  • Establish the cooperation between young peacebuilders in Europe and beyond, and encourage them to advocate and plan common activities promoting a culture of peace at the Pan European, European, regional and local level.




Youth Peace Ambassadors Network