Termine zur internationalen Jugendarbeit

The POWER of Learning Mobility Changing lives, changing society

02.04.19 bis 04.04.19
Konferenz/Kongress, europäisch
Ostend, Belgien


Aim of the conference

This conference will look at the impact of quality learning mobility projects in the youth field, and the  balance between personal and societal gain. It will explore what learning mobility means for communities and society at large, as well as individuals.

Questions for the Conference
Within quality learning mobility projects, how can one...?

  • Help young people to make (more of) a difference on a societal level?
  • Ensure we are capitalising on the potential of the two-way impact of projects?(hosting community on the project and project on the community?).
  • Assess the societal impact, from the perspectives of research, practice and policy?
  • Balance the individual and societal gain of learning mobility projects? Which tools, methodologies and approaches work well?
  • Ensure that these opportunities are not only for the privileged and the resourceful?
  • ...and more topics to be developed in the months leading up to the conference




European Platform for Learning Mobility in the youth field (EPLM)


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